Welcome to the web page of the Hungarian Cultural Association of Icelanddedicated to the Peoples of Danubian Europe!

The traditional, organized by "nations" and "states", old stile tourist guides forced (and they are 
still today forcing) our minds and hearts to look at Danubian Europe as divided in many "very different" national countries, all self sufficient. 
This is only one, and not the most useful (for a person who is genuinely interest in understanding what Europeans are), point of view. 
In this web we offer you some instruments to help you to understand better Danubian Europe. 
These lands have played a very important role in the history of Eurasia. 
It can be stated that Danubian Europe has been for centuries the center of what once was the entire known world. 
This happened, for example, at the time of the Roman Empire, when the Danubian "limes" (border region) was the birthplace, or the seat, of the most brilliant Roman Emperors, like Septimius Severus, Maximinus Thrax, Decius, Aurelianus, Diocletianus and Constantine the Great, just to mention the better known), and, at the same time, the seat of the most feared "barbarians", like the the Celts, the Germans, the (Iranian) Sarmatians or the multi-ethnic empire of Attila the Hun! 

If you want know more, come and discover with us the heart of Europe!

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