Csango Culture

Csangos are a minority group of Transylvania and Moldavia trying to survive in today modernity without loosing its traditions.

"Associazione Amici dei Csango" is a No profit group trying to help this minority to survive. This page is a first collection of links and documentation about Csangos.


Csango Web (in Italian): https://notendur.hi.is/maurizio/csango/index1.htm

Csango Radio: http://www.csangoradio.ro/ 

Szeret-Klezse Foundation: http://www.csangok.ro/

Enrico Martino, "The last sons of the Wind" (photos): http://enricomartino.photoshelter.com/gallery/-/G0000F8GtB.XM3eY/  

Association of Csango-Hungarians in Moldavia: http://en.csango.ro/index.php?page=history 

Association of Csango-Hungarians in Moldavia, Turism in Csango Lands (in Hungarian): http://www.csango.ro/index.php?page=turizmus

Matteo Zola, "Gli csángó, un popolo in via d'estinzione", East Journal, 2011: http://www.eastjournal.net/minoranze-gli-csango-un-popolo-in-via-destinzione/5538 

Csiksomlyoi Pentecost Pilgrimage (2013: 19th May; Official State name: Șumuleu Ciuc): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C8%98umuleu_Ciuchttp://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Csíksomlyói_búcsú (Hungarian); http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentecoste (Italian); http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentecost (English)

Frank Viviano, "In the shadow of Attila", National Geographichttp://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0506/feature4/index.html

M. Tani, "Dagli csango un messaggio di ottimismo per i Balcani" (Italian), http://www.cafebabel.it/article/1614/dagli-csango-un-messaggio-di-ottimismo-per-i-balcani.html

M. Tani, "Un missatge d’optimisme per als Balcans" (Catalan), http://www.cafebabel.es/article/15761/un-missatge-doptimisme-per-als-balcans.html 

M. Tani, "A message of hope for the Balkans" (English), http://www.cafebabel.co.uk/article/15702/a-message-of-hope-for-the-balkans.html

M. Tani, "Die Csángó: Immer noch diskriminiert" (German), http://www.cafebabel.de/article/15701/die-csango-immer-noch-diskriminiert.html

M. Tani, "Sprawa Czangów - pozytywny sygnał z Bałkanów" (Polish), http://www.cafebabel.pl/article/15955/sprawa-czangow-pozytywny-sygna-z-bakanow.html

M. Tani, "Message d’espoir pour les Balkans" (French), http://www.cafebabel.fr/article/15705/message-despoir-pour-les-balkans.html

M. Tani, "Un mensaje de optimismo de los csángó para los Balcanes" (Spanish), http://www.cafebabel.es/article/15682/un-mensaje-de-optimismo-de-los-csango-para-los-balcanes.html

Maurizio Tani, "Csángó: storia della rumenizzazione della minoranza ungherese di Moldavia (Romania)", GFBV, 2003: http://www.gfbv.it/3dossier/eu-min/csango.html  

Associazione Amici dei Csango, "Guida ai beni (e ai mali) architettonici ecclesiastici dei paesi csango": https://notendur.hi.is/maurizio/csango/beniculturali.htm  

James A. Kapalo :  The Moldavian Csángós: ‘National Minority’ or ‘Local Ethnie’? (M.A. Dissertation, 1996): https://notendur.hi.is//~maurizio/danubiana/csango1.htm 

Anonimous, "Ceangaii. The Roman-Catholic from Moldavia" (web page with the official position of the Romanian State and Catholic/Vatican authorities): http://www.ceangaii.ro/index.php?id=2&L=1 

News from "Amici dei Csango"

The final program of the 2012 Csango Tour from Italy / Programma definitivo del Tour dei Csango nel 2012 


The "Associazione Amici dei Csango" organizes a solidarity trip from Italy to Romanian Moldavia via Hungary and Transylvania. See the first draft of the program here on the right. All welcome! Is really low cost! Fun and education, solidarity and culture in one event around Danubian Europe! 

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